Luxury Lip Care

Beau & Ginger natural lip balms are luxurious and softening, so treat your lips with the love they deserve!

Our beeswax, almond oil and cocoa butter combination produces a nourishing mix of pure organic conditioners to keep your lips kissable. To complete this wonderful combination of hydrating natural ingredients, we add extra indulgent pure essential oils to create our gorgeous lip balm, 100% pure natural luxury.

Using naturally and ethically sourced ingredients, your lips will love you forever from the moment you apply… Other lip products use petrochemical ingredients, which can actually block pores and create moisture loss rather than protection. Here at Beau & Ginger, because we use natural ingredients, your skin can breathe and function perfectly providing long term protection and happy kissable lips.

Our current range includes

  • Sweet Orange Lip Balm

  • Frankincense Lip Balm

  • Sandalwood Lip Balm

luxurious ethical aromatherapy products hand made in sussex