Rich Hand Creams

Beau & Ginger rich hand creams are made using natural ingredients that nourish and soften the skin, keeping hands moisturised and protected from the elements.

All of our blends are suitable for every skin type and contain jojoba oil which is mild and non-irritating yet highly effective at protecting the skin. Along with lots of other lovely goodness, Vitamin E oil adds to the mix as an antioxidant that helps to renew skin cells and prevent wrinkles along with thistle oil, an excellent source of Vitamin F, which keeps skin supple.

It is not unusual for us to neglect this part of the body, yet hands are prone to environmental damage and can age faster than the face if not looked after. Hands have no sebaceous glands and the skin is very fine, but with regular protection and care you can prevent further damage to the everyday perils that they endure. Use our Beau & Ginger rich hand creams often to give your faithful friends a moisture boost and the tender loving care that they deserve.

We have made a few variations of this wonderful blend using the finest essential oils. Take your pick depending on your favourite scents and the various benefits that each provides – or be indulgent and treat your hands to them all so you are ready for anything!

Our current range includes

  • Uplifting: Bergamot & Mint

  • Sensual: Jasmine & Patchouli

  • Spicy: Sweet Orange & Cypress

  • Crystal Glass Nail Files

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