Luxury Face Creams

Beau & Ginger luxury face creams are made using the finest natural active ingredients that protect the skin, keeping it nourished and looking beautiful.

Each and every face cream blend contains apricot kernel oil known for it’s high Vitamin A and E content, extremely nourishing yet very gentle on the skin. We also add the wonderful thistle oil to keep the skin supple and then a whole lot of aloe vera to help skin look young and improve circulation. As if this wasn’t enough, we then add just a little touch of pure Vitamin E oil. Your skin will be eternally grateful and love you forever for it!

Once we have our perfect base, we then add the essential oils. Check out our current blends, and see what suits you best. Sometimes you may need to mix it up and use a different blend on a different day, but you decide which one you think your skin deserves. Gorgeous creamy goodness in a jar.

Our current range includes

  • Nourishing: Neroli & Cypress

  • Balancing: Ylang Ylang & Tea Tree

  • Calming: Rose & Chamomile

luxurious ethical aromatherapy products hand made in sussex