Against Animal Testing

Beau and Ginger are totally committed to a business that does not harm animals in any way. None of our products are pre-tested on animals, only humans. Sadly, some leading brands still use animals in test labs to trial their formulations, which we will never agree with or understand. We ensure that all of our suppliers share the same view as us, and support the fight against inhumane and cruel animal testing. The only animal by-product that we use is beeswax, where there is no harm to bees, and where other derivatives are offered as a so-called ‘natural’ alternative (ie. collagen) to synthetic products, we will opt for the synthetic.

Protecting Our Environment

At Beau and Ginger, we use eco-friendly PET plastic containers which are fully recyclable. PVC does not degrade well, but PET is globally recognised as a lightweight, safe, recyclable packaging. It contains few raw materials to produce and less fuel for transport, making it the best option for protecting our environment.

Fair Trading

Beau & Ginger use high quality products that are sourced in a fair way and we ensure that our suppliers also share this view. Where possible, our supplies come from ethically sourced fairly traded co-ops or community projects.

Cosmetic Safety Assessments

All of our formulas have passed cosmetic safety assessment testing and adhere to EU Cosmetic Products Safety Regulations.