Our Ingredients

We want you to understand about the ingredients we use so that you know exactly what you are using on your skin.

At Beau & Ginger, we are always looking for ways to improve our products using as many naturally and ethically sourced ingredients as possible, yet retaining a high quality range. We would like to buy direct from source, but as this is not always possible we ensure that all of our suppliers agree with our own ethics and standards of practice.

We continue to strive to use natural raw ingredients wherever possible. In some cases, where the only alternative is an animal product (such as collagen or emulsifier) or where we feel it is safer on the skin, we may occasionally use synthetically produced materials. Our aim is to be honest about the products we create, so here is a little bit about some of our ingredients and their origins...



Organic and derived from the Cocoa Bean found on the Cocoa Trees of South America and Africa. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it provides softness, nourishment and protection to the skin.


Latin Name: CERA FLAVA

The only animal by-product that we use is beeswax, with no harm to the bees! Our current organic sheets are sourced from Sweden, where they do not use pesticides and have the purest form of honey found in Europe.



Pressed from Almond Kernels, this is a lubricating oil and widely known for its use in massage. It has a high natural vitamin content and is rich in protein. This is currently sourced from Spain where the climatic conditions produce a high quality ingredient.

The truth about chemicals

Everyone has a different view on chemicals and cosmetics, with varied opinions on what is safe and what isn’t... We won’t preach to you, you can make up your own mind but we will be honest and only use ingredients that we deem to be safe. There is always media hype about certain products, some good and some bad. Do your own research, and remember that everyone’s skin is different...


All water based products need to have a preservative added to destroy microorganisms and avoid harmful bacteria growing, which can be damaging to the skin. We currently use a paraben based preservative that is used within the food industry and is perfectly safe. Our blend does not contain the controversial Butylparabaren that has gained negative media attention over recent years. There are many different parabens within the cosmetic industry but we use the safest and believe that this is better than the creation of harmful fungus and nasty bacteria. If it’s good enough to spread on our toast then it’s good enough for our skin!


Beau & Ginger do not use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in any of our products. SLS, as it is now widely known, is still highly used within the cosmetic industry as a ‘cheap’ detergent even though it is known to be harmful. At Beau & Ginger we use a natural MIPA Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (don’t confuse these!) blend. Derived from coconut and palm kernel oil, these are known to treat damaged skin and are perfectly safe.


All of our products have passed EU Cosmetic Safety Assessments, however we advise that you always test a small amount of our product at first use before applying liberally. Everyone has a different skin tolerance and make up, so just check that your skin is happy with the product before smothering it